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Novellask - Love Stories

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Novellask - Love Stories.

Den perfekta presenten till alla som älskar att läsa! Till födelsedagspresent, julklapp eller bara en dag när du vill visa någon din uppskattning!

Denna ask innehåller fyra små häftade böcker med kärleksnoveller på engelska. Böckerna mäter 10 x 15 cm. Dessa finns också på svenska i en annan ask.

Noveller i asken:
The trial of love av Mary Shelly - 30 sidor.
Two friends, Angeline and Faustina, are reunited after a couple of years apart. A lot has happened during this time: Angeline has met a man, but the two have been forced to make a promise to keep their love secret and not meet for a whole year. However, when he suddenly turns up much earlier than planned, their love is put to the test once again.

After the dance av Leo Tolstoy - 20 sidor.
After supper I danced the promised quadrille with her, and though I had been infinitely happy before, I grew still happier every moment.

We did not speak of love. I neither asked myself nor her whether she loved me. It was quite enough to know that I loved her. And I had only one fear — that something might come to interfere with my great joy.

The legacy av Virginia Woolf - 16 sidor.
When the prominent politician Gilbert Clandon is forced to take care of the property after his wife’s sudden death, he is faced with a legacy with unforeseen consequences.

Like several of Virginia Woolf’s short stories, The Legacy is a study of human selfishness and self-preoccupation and touches on issues such as jealousy, gender roles, identity and equality. Woolf’s strong conviction that fiction should not package reality as an absolute truth made her a master at shaping life as it could be experienced by all kinds of people.

And just like in several of Woolf’s short stories, The Legacy ends with a twist.

The Nightingale and the Rose and The Sphinx Without a Secret av Oscar Wilde - 24 sidor.
In the melancholy story The Nightingale and the Rose, Oscar Wilde turns to the superficiality of society and man, a theme that also reappears in the novel for which he is perhaps best known today, The Picture of Dorian Gray. The short story is considered a response to H.C. Andersen’s saga The Nightingale. Common to the stories is the critique of the authors’ contemporaries, but Wilde objects to Andersen’s view of sacrifice and his preference for the natural over the artificial and allows his story to take a completely different turn.

Omslag: Lisa Benk
Förlag: Novellix


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